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Only Connect's Web and CD-ROM Development philosophy builds on four tenets:

  • Listen to the client.
  • Design for site visitors.
  • Keep it current.
  • Spread the word.

Listen to the Client
We work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure that your visions and goals for the Web site are implemented.

Design for Site Visitors
We implement user-centered design. Visitors to your site want an easy and informative experience, which is why we design an attractive and understandable navigational interface that quickly gets visitors to desired information. We also provide navigational aids that accommodate different visitors' navigation styles.

The most elegant navigational interface won't hold users' attention, however, if the pages do not load quickly or if they fail to display consistently for visitors using a range of browsers, computer platforms, and connection speeds. Therefore, we optimize a site's graphics and test the site thoroughly to ensure the best possible experience for site visitors.

Keep it Current
We help you create a maintenance strategy that works for you and, if you desire, will train and support the employees responsible for site maintenance.

Spread the Word
The World Wide Web is a vast place; you must be strategic in how you draw visitors to your site. In addition to coding your pages to maximize search engine hits and registering your site with the most popular search engines and indexes, Only Connect will guide you in effective ways to use print and electronic media, reciprocal linking, and other strategies to increase traffic to your site.

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